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Your body goes through tremendous changes during pregnancy. Your belly gets larger and your blood volume increases as your baby grows. You may experience cramping, morning sickness, and all sorts of unfamiliar aches and pains. Your hair and skin may also go through a transformation for the better or worse. (You’re beautiful all the same.) If you’ve noticed dark patches of skin on your face, you may have melasma. Here’s more about this condition, why it crops up in pregnancy, and how you can treat it safely. Melasma is a skin disorder where the melanocytes (color-producing cells) in your skin produce extra pigment for some reason. In pregnancy, it’s often referred to as chloasma or the “mask of pregnancy.” Chloasma is a cosmetic concern. It doesn’t affect your baby in any way or indicates any other pregnancy complications. The primary symptom of chloasma is the darkening of the skin on the face. You may notice dark patches or splotches on your forehead, cheeks, chin, or around your mouth. These areas may get darker the more you’re exposed to the sun or the further along you are in your pregnancy. For the best treatment for the Melasma visit COSMOGENIX AESTHETIC SKIN HAIR & LASER CLINIC.

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  • Chloasma Treatment Centre in zeta II
  • Best Chloasma Treatment Centre in zeta II
  • Chloasma Treatment Clinicin zeta II
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