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Chickenpox, also called varicella-zoster, produces a red rash that blisters then scabs over. It’s very contagious. You can prevent chickenpox, and the later complication of shingles, with vaccines. Chickenpox is an infection that causes a skin rash. The disease is caused by a germ called the varicella-zoster virus. (Chickenpox itself is also called varicella-zoster.) Most people will get the virus when they’re young if they haven’t had a chickenpox vaccine. A child with chickenpox can easily give the virus to other children. Chickenpox today is much less common because most children are vaccinated when they are young. Before the first vaccine against chickenpox was approved in the U.S. in 1995, almost everyone got chickenpox. Very few had complications. Once you’ve had chickenpox, you won’t catch it again from another person. If you’re not vaccinated, you can get chickenpox at any age. Adults who get chickenpox may become very sick, so it's better to have chickenpox when you're a child or prevent getting it by being vaccinated. Children can get chickenpox at any age. After being exposed to chickenpox, your child may appear to be fine for one to three weeks before feeling sick. Children can spread the virus from one day before they show signs of illness to about five days after a skin rash appears. Before the vaccine for chickenpox was developed, the infection caused deaths and hospitalizations. The available vaccine is over 90% effective at preventing this once-common childhood illness. If you don’t get chickenpox, you won’t get shingles, a painful condition that happens because the virus that causes chickenpox stays in your body long after the rash is gone. While there are home remedies to deal with chickenpox and shingles symptoms, vaccination makes that unnecessary.

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  • Chickenpox Treatment in Zeta I
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