PRP Hair Growth Treatment

PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma.” Platelet-rich plasma therapy uses the best rich plasma your blood has to offer because it heals injuries faster, encourages growth factors, and also increases levels of collagen and stem cells which are naturally produced in the body to keep you looking young and fresh. In this case, those growth factors are used to help regrow thinning hair. Studies on platelet-rich plasma and the use of PRP injections to remedy hair loss is relatively new to the world of dermatology. While clinical studies have been carried out for several years and have suggested that PRP therapy is effective with different growth factors, many dermatologists have only recently begun to try it in their practices. Because of this, not much is known about the PRP treatment unless you do some deep research into the topic. Both men and women. Male balding and hair thinning is talked about extensively, but women do not often get the same benefit of widespread information. The fact is that women can lose hair, too, due to several different factors.


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