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Uneven rashes, swelling, pain, redness, and severe itching that unexpectedly appear are some signs that you need to visit a dermatologist. It can be an allergy, infection and eczema, or some other serious skin disorder. A skin mole or patch that changes: If the skin mole or patch changes in colour, size, shape or symptoms, a dermatologist needs to be seen. Changes like this are also symptoms of skin cancer, and you want to be treated sooner rather than later when it comes to cancer. Your dermatologist will also help you learn how to screen or check your skin regularly. You have tried over-the-counter medications, diets, and cleansing, but your acne is still there. A dermatologist can treat this skin condition. Do you have an allergic reaction? Or do you have a skin infection? Please see the dermatologist to checkout. You may prescribe medicine or recommend a different way to treat things smoothly.


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