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In your 20s, routine checkups are essential for skin checks and to aid in the management of breakouts. Your body will be examined by the dermatologist for atypical moles that could be caused by UV damage and skin cancer. You have probably been exposed to the sun a few times by this age, making you more prone to developing skin cancer. The dermatologist will search for moles that have developed or altered in size, color, or symmetry. They will check it for skin cancer if they discover anything alarming. Depending on the type of skin cancer, they can offer a variety of treatments if it returns. A dermatologist has to be visited once a year and perhaps every few months. Around the age of twelve, many people start visiting a dermatologist. Around this time, you start to develop acne and even warts. A dermatologist can recommend acne treatments for you and provide advice on how to cure or get rid of warts. You can postpone starting yearly checkups until your early 20s if you aren't going through either of them.


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