Best Chickenpox Treatment

Chickenpox, commonly known as varicella-zoster, causes a red rash that blisters and scabs. It's quite contagious. Vaccines can help prevent chickenpox and its subsequent consequence, shingles. Chickenpox is an infection that forms a rash on the skin. Varicella-zoster virus is the germ that causes the disease. (Varicella-zoster is another name for chickenpox.) Most persons who have not received a chickenpox vaccine will contract the virus when they are young. You will not catch chickenpox from another person once you have had it. Chickenpox can strike at any age if you are not immunized. Adults who acquire chickenpox can become quite unwell, so it's best to get chickenpox as a child or be vaccinated to avoid having it. Chickenpox can affect children of any age. Your youngster may appear to be well for one to three weeks after being exposed to chickenpox before becoming ill. Children can spread the virus from one day before they become ill to roughly five days after they develop a skin rash.


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